Double Exhibition Sparks “Explosion” Dazzling Display | ANKE’s Brand New Masterpiece Debuts, Unleashing the Power of Films!

Mar 04, 2024

February 28th

Guangdong Anke Technology “Good Things Come in Pairs”

Simultaneously Debuts at Two Major Exhibitions

Booths Bustling with Popularity, Non-stop Excitement




As a high-tech enterprise specializing in new types of film materials, Guangdong Anke Technology has always focused on high-end commercial architectural film solutions, striving to build a high-end national brand that leads the international market.


Over the past 13 years, Guangdong Anke Technology has made continuous progress, ensuring high quality and excellence in product quality. Speed, quality, and open innovation are the secrets to Guangdong Anke Technology's ongoing success.


At the Beijing and Shanghai exhibitions, Anke Technology brought several heavyweight products to debut, presenting the audience with industry-leading innovative products and technological achievements.



2024 Shanghai International Advertising and Printing Exhibition


As one of the most influential and international printing exhibitions in Asia, the Shanghai International Advertising and Printing Exhibition brings together numerous well-known enterprises and brands from both domestic and international markets.




In this exhibition, Guangdong Anke Technology showcased its latest technological achievements and heavyweight new products to the public, also demonstrating Anke Technology's strength and elegance to the world.

On the opening day, a grand spectacle unfolded.



On the first day of the exhibition, the Guangdong Anke Technology booth featured several classic explosion-proof films and brand-new masterpieces. With high-quality, high-performance, and high-appeal premium film new materials, it stood out from the many exhibitors, attracting the attention and inquiries of industry insiders and clients from both domestic and international markets, creating an extremely hot scene.

Heavyweight new products debut, leading the industry trend.




On February 28th, Guangdong Anke Technology made a significant appearance at the Shanghai Advertising and Printing Exhibition with a host of new products, embodying the design philosophy of environmental protection, innovation, and efficiency, presenting new products of high quality.




At this exhibition, Guangdong Anke Technology demonstrated to its customers the company's strength and innovation capability, proving through actions and products that Guangdong Anke Technology is a leader in industry design, craftsmanship, and product strength.


Sincerely invite you to attend and join in the grand event.


During the exhibition from February 28th to March 3rd

at the Guangdong Anke Technology's booth,

not only will there be enthusiastic receptionists and professional, reliable business personnel,

but also spacious seating areas, exquisite and practical gifts,

and extremely affordable product prices.

Continuous surprises, not to be missed.

Guangdong Anke Technology looks forward to your visit!

Exhibition Location

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Booth No: 6.2-A1633



The 34th Beijing Yasen Auto Accessories Exhibition


As the largest and most authoritative and influential international comprehensive exhibition in the domestic automotive aftermarket, the 34th Yasen Exhibition spans 250,000 square meters, with over 5,000 domestic and international exhibiting companies and approximately 180,000 types of exhibits.

Capturing attention, still highly praised.



On February 28th, Guangdong Anke Technology made a dazzling appearance at the Beijing Yasen Exhibition with its series of self-developed products, including glass insulation film, glass decorative film, car color change film, and sheet decorative film, attracting the attention and inquiries of many participants and gaining recognition from a wide range of customers.



These products incorporate new technologies in the industry, aiming to provide users with safer and more reliable protection. At the same time, this exhibition was not only about showcasing products but also about discussing future trends with the industry and sharing the R&D achievements of Guangdong Anke Technology.

Setting a new benchmark in the industry, innovation knows no bounds.




At this exhibition, the key products launched by Guangdong Anke Technology are leading in both technology and market. These innovative and classic products not only represent Anke Technology's breakthroughs in R&D but also set a new benchmark for the entire industry.


Sincerely invite you to attend and join in the grand event.


At Guangdong Anke Technology's booth,

we provided professional and enthusiastic service to every visitor,

hoping to create a spacious and comfortable environment for communication.

February 28th - March 2nd

We look forward to meeting you!

Exhibition Location

Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall in Shunyi District)

Booth Number: E1 Q03




February 28th - March 2nd

Guangdong Anke Technology

hopes to gather with industry leaders and customers at the exhibition

to jointly discuss new opportunities for the future development of the industry.

We look forward to your arrival!

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