ANKE×China Glass Exhibition concludes with accolades! Continuously unveiling new masterpieces, focusing on the highlights, N+ features not to be missed!

Apr 25, 2024

On April 28th, a four-day China International Glass Exhibition concluded successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

In this gathering of leading businesses in the glass industry,

ANKE Group spoke with its strength, showcasing the innovation and differentiation of its products,

as well as the brand’s research and development capabilities and influence, from all angles.

This brought a new revolution and leadership to the industry.




/ China Glass Exhibition /

/ Showcasing Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship in the Industry /


As one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global glass industry, the China Glass Exhibition brings together cutting-edge technology and high-quality resources for the innovative development of the industry. It serves as an important platform for domestic and international glass enterprises to exchange, cooperate, and explore markets.



At this exhibition, the event gathered N+ well-known brands from the industry, with 1000+ booths covering all categories related to the glass industry. ANKE Group, as a leading brand in the high-end commercial film industry, brought a lineup of high-end, cutting-edge products that were widely praised, demonstrating immense popularity and becoming the center of attention at the exhibition.



/ Unveiling New Masterpieces /

/ Defining Aesthetic Living Spaces with Safety /



At this exhibition, ANKE, with the theme of “artisan quality, design orientation, trendsetting, and continuous innovation,” extended its products to the Nth degree, creating a more secure and design-oriented high-end commercial film category. This provides customers with more diverse, innovative, and high-end commercial film solutions, helping to build safe aesthetic living spaces.



At the ANKE booth, the focus was on showcasing the company’s highly distinctive series of products, including the Joy Color Series·Decorative Films, Gradient Series·Decorative Films, Film Art Series·Wood Decor Change Films, Architectural Heat Insulation Films, and the Fully Automatic Wide-Format Laminating Machine, among others. With exquisite design and craftsmanship, outstanding technology, and materials, these innovations offered a refreshing change to buyers and purchasers who are tired of the cumbersome, cluttered, and monomaterial options available.



Among them, the ANKE 2024 Fully Automatic Wide-Format Laminating Machine is a global innovation and has been honored with the High-Tech Product Certification. With industry-leading automated control products and a unique active tension control system, it revolutionizes the traditional way of laminating, significantly reducing the time for segmenting and selecting films. This innovation aids in achieving a highly efficient production model with zero inventory and zero waste.





/ Spotlight Excellence /

/ Unlocking the Code to Brand Traffic /




During the exhibition, ANKE was honored to receive high recognition and appreciation from many professional visitors and industry leaders. Merchants from around the world also showed great interest in ANKE’s products, expressing that ANKE’s brand strength and product quality are guarantees they trust. Against this backdrop, ANKE naturally achieved remarkable success, signing numerous orders.




The reason ANKE was able to shine at this exhibition is inseparable from its rich product matrix and personalized customization services.


At the exhibition, ANKE presented a brand-new matrix of high-end commercial film new materials, meeting the needs of furniture and commercial space decoration. With a vast array of patterns and a rich variety of base materials, it provides more support for the implementation of design solutions for residential, commercial, office, and entertainment spaces.



At the same time, by supporting personalized customization services, ANKE can combine customer needs with market trends to provide more professional, more innovative, and more reassuring one-stop high-end commercial film solutions, ensuring that customers can maintain a leading position in the fierce market competition. This advantage has allowed ANKE Group to stand out not only at the exhibition but also in the global market.


/ Perfect Conclusion /

/ Continuously Empowering the Industry /


The ANKE brand, with years of accumulation, possesses strong product research and development design capabilities and brand service capabilities. Various products such as explosion-proof films, decorative films, heat insulation films, furniture board films, automotive films, electronic screen films, home appliance panel films, adhesive products, and automated film application equipment are applicable across a wide range of industries.


Creating a better living experience and opportunities for hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide, various high-end commercial cases number in the millions and have received unanimous praise from numerous users.



In the future, ANKE will continue to empower the high-end commercial film new materials industry, adhering to diversified thinking and an innovative spirit, constantly exploring new application areas and technical directions. We will continue to pay attention to customer needs and market changes, meeting the diverse demands of the market with higher quality products and services, leading the industry’s development, and significantly enhancing China’s global competitiveness in the field of high-end commercial film new materials. We are committed to breaking down technical and market barriers, promoting innovation and progress within the industry.

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