ANKE window explosion-proof film can effectively prevent glass from breaking and injuring people, protecting you and your family’s safety. Thermal insulation film can effectively isolate heat, reduce indoor temperature, and create a comfortable living environment for you. Privacy film protects your privacy from prying eyes. PVC decorative film has a stylish design and can beautify your home environment. Car wraps protect your car and extend its life.

Types of Window Tint

Advantages of ANKE Window Tint

ANKE has complete facilities and equipment, first-class technology, advanced R & D, design and testing instruments and equipment, a thousand-level dust-free production workshop, and imported advanced coating production line, automatic printing production line, automatic film production line. ANKE has polymer R & D laboratories in Zhongshan and Guangzhou respectively. Our factory's "products have won wide recognition and trust from customers all over the world for their excellent quality, reasonable prices, stylish designs, exquisite craftsmanship, high-standard production requirements, and perfect service management systems."

  • decorative cling film for windows

    decorative cling film for windows

  • decorative arts window film

    decorative arts window film

  • decorative transparent window film

    decorative transparent window film

  • decorative sidelight window film

    decorative sidelight window film

  • window film factory

    window film factory

  • window film company

    window film company

ANKE Window Tint Application

ANKE window tint offers a wide range of high-quality products including explosion-proof film, solar control film, shower decorative film, and car films. The explosion-proof film provides safety and protection, while the solar control film helps in energy conservation by reducing heat and blocking harmful UV rays. The shower decorative film adds aesthetic value to your bathrooms and the car films protect your vehicle's interior from sun damage, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Application of ANKE Window Film

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