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Window Tint for Car

ANKE car window film is made of high-tech materials and can effectively block up to 99% of UV rays, protecting you and your car from UV damage. At the same time, it can reflect and absorb the sun's heat, lowering the temperature inside the car, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable driving environment in the hot summer.

ANKE car window film also reduces the sun's glare, protects your vision and improves driving safety. Its dark design also increases the privacy inside the car, making you feel more at ease while driving.

Specification of Window Tint

Place of OriginChina
Brand NameANKE
Model Number
Installation TypePeel and Stick
ApplicationCar Window
UsageCar Styling
Ultraviolet Light ProtectionUp to 99%
Warranty5 years

Benefit of Window Tint

  • BLOCK THE HEAT: Help keep your drive cool with up to 36% heat rejected

  • INCREASED VISIBILITY: Reduces glare helping you see better and drive safer

  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Durable material uses deep-dye technology that lasts

  • PROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks over 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fading

  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: Adhesive film is easy to install with Gila Complete Application Kit, no professional installation required

How Window Tint for Car Contributes to UV Protection?

The thermal insulation principle of car window film is mainly achieved by reflecting and absorbing the sun's heat.

  • Reflection: The surface of the car window film is usually coated with a metal film or ceramic film. This film can reflect most of the sunlight, including visible light and infrared light, thereby reducing the impact of sunlight on the temperature inside the car.

  • Absorption: The material of the car window film usually chooses some materials that can absorb sunlight, such as carbon-based materials. This material can absorb the heat in the sunlight and then release the heat to the outside through heat dissipation, thereby reducing the temperature inside the car.

  • Isolation: Car window film can also block ultraviolet rays in the sun. Ultraviolet rays are the most energetic part of sunlight and can cause harm to the human body and items in the car. Car window films can effectively block ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting people in the car. Japanese things

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