Transparent Protective Film For New Cars: Importance and Material Selection

Jun 19, 2024

The transparent protective film for cars is a layer of plastic film attached to the surface of car paint to protect the original paint. The original paint is the paint that is electrophoretically sprayed and baked at high temperature by a mechanical arm in a dust-free spray shop during the car assembly process. On the steel plate of the car body, there are four paint layers: electrophoretic layer, midcoat layer, color paint layer and varnish layer, which together constitute the car paint layer, which is what we often call the original paint. The car paint sprayed by the 4S shop (or repair shop) in the later stage is only equivalent to the midcoat layer + color paint layer + varnish layer.

The importance of using a transparent protective film

The quality of the post-painting process cannot be guaranteed: the post-painting is completed by the 4S shop or repair shop, and the construction conditions cannot be compared with the car factory. The quality is mainly controlled by the technicians, and the final painting effect is also uneven, which is easy to produce color difference. In addition, because there are plastic parts on the car body, the post-painting can only be baked at a low temperature, the paint adhesion is poor, and it is easy to corrode and fall off the paint. In addition, post-painting affects the valuation of used cars: In the process of used car transactions, the most important point in evaluating the value of a vehicle is whether the vehicle is painted with original paint. More than three surfaces without original paint will be regarded as an accident vehicle, and the value of the vehicle will be greatly discounted. On the used car platform, you can see the prices of Lanyun and Badao in the figure below, which are very different.

transparent car film-transparent car protective film vinyl wrap

The role and benefits of transparent protective film

The transparent car protective film is pasted on the paint surface. When scratches occur, it can minimize the damage to the original paint. Transparent protective film generally has the function of automatic scratch repair, which can effectively avoid car wash scratches and last as new. In addition, it can also cover existing scratches.

Vehicles with high-quality transparent protective film do not need fine care, save costs such as crystal coating, waxing, sealing and glazing, save high painting costs, and save precious time.

Types and selections of transparent protective film materials

Transparent protective film is mainly divided into the following materials: PVC, TPU, second repair TPU. In addition, the transparent car protective film vinyl wrap is also included.

PVC: hard material, low price, cannot resist scratches, cannot be hemmed, short service life, will turn yellow, orange peel, crack, and lose glue and paint within 1 year;

TPU: scratches can be restored, discoloration and oxidation are serious, and there is no corrosion resistance;

Repair TPU: mostly use cheap Japanese substrates, the cost is greatly reduced, scratches are restored instantly, but there are also many problems, it will absorb dust and dirt in about a month, it cannot be cleaned, it is dry and sticky, and the surface is black. There are thousands of transparent protective film brands on the market, and only a handful of them have real R&D capabilities. As a consumer, you should first choose a well-known brand. You should also verify whether the warranty period, warranty scope, warranty period and warranty terms can be guaranteed.

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