2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition Concluded Successfully

Jun 24, 2023

A collection of exquisite products for a sparkling feast. The 27th China International Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition") concluded successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the largest and most influential international exhibition in Asia, this exhibition has a strong lineup of major brands and tens of millions of Chinese and foreign merchants. As the leader in the domestic commercial building film industry, ANKE made a brilliant appearance at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition with a new image, new products, multiple categories, and a strong lineup. Major mainstream media rushed to interview and report, and major partners praised ANKE's new products. Don't stop talking. At this exhibition, ANKE will show the world a new high-end product series line of "personalized customization, new technology, and Chinese quality" - Safety Officer, presenting a feast of high-end film products to the industry. Whether it is the development of new trends in new products, new technologies, new materials, etc., or the use of products and design scene spaces, ANKE high-end series - the infinite charm of safety officers are presented in an all-round and multi-dimensional way. This kitchen and bathroom exhibition ANKE Safety It was a fruitful and successful ending!

2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition Concluded Successfully 2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition Concluded Successfully

[Safety Series] The new product release was extremely popular. The ANKE exhibition hall welcomed guests and merchants from all over the world. The exhibition area was very lively. During the period, there was an endless stream of visitors who came here to discuss cooperation. The on-site staff were busy. Passionately explain new products to customers, analyze the market, carefully answer each customer's questions, listen carefully to each customer's needs, and fully demonstrate Encore's "customer first" service principle.

2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition Concluded Successfully 2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition Concluded Successfully

The "Safety New Product Conference" held by ANKE Anke Technology this time has achieved the industry's first new upgrade of the 5D effect of the embossing process in the field of bathroom decorative films. It is a new journey for the bathroom industry and also a new step for the domestic glass industry. A major breakthrough in the membrane field. As a leader in this field, ANKE has invested a lot of R&D funds and talents in order to break the foreign market monopoly in this field. This is not only the development and innovation of a company, but also represents the sense of responsibility and responsibility of a Chinese national enterprise. A sense of purpose. This blockbuster news was like "one stone triggering a thousand waves", which immediately aroused strong repercussions in the industry, attracting reports from major mainstream media and taking photos with leaders in the bathroom industry.

High-standard, large-scale, and continuous publicity reports sounded the clarion call for Encore to successfully enter the field of "glass film embossing 5D high technology". ANKE carries the banner of innovation and development in the industry, mainly developing high-tech and high-value-added processes. It always aims to improve the quality of life of terminals and reduce the price of terminal product purchases to promote the development of the industry. At present, the launch of ANKE's "New 5D Decorative Film" series is just the "first step in a long march". This not only lays a solid foundation for ANKE's subsequent research and development in the direction of new decorative materials, but also injects new ideas into the company's innovative transformation and development. New motivation!

The 2023 Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition has come to an end. ANKE will take this opportunity to not forget its original intention and keep its mission in mind, continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, accelerate technology research and development, integrate various resource advantages, and strive to create world-leading technology products, We will make unremitting efforts to shape core competitiveness and realize the innovation, transformation and development of enterprises. At the same time, ANKE will continue to strengthen brand building, strengthen product technology and quality, optimize service systems, continue to be at the forefront of industry innovation, let more consumers and partners understand ANKE products, improve the quality of life of terminals, and continue to Carry forward the innovative spirit of Chinese national enterprises, high quality and safe manufacturing!

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