May 2023 Jeddah Exhibition

May 24, 2023

On this May 9, the International Building Materials and Decoration Exhibition in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, opened grandly. Thousands of businessmen gathered at this international exhibition. Dozens of themed forums and seminars gathered the leading, most influential and appealing companies in the industry at home and abroad, the products displayed also cover the upper and lower ends of the construction and building materials industry chain, bringing unlimited business opportunities to all types of merchants and audiences. Get involved and enjoy the natural and exciting scene! In 2023, the exhibition will encourage more and better companies to make their "debut" by adding more design elements, encouraging more companies to release new products and designs, further strengthening intellectual property protection, and improving exhibition services, so that Enterprises share a feast of green building materials. The Prince of Saudi Arabia even visited ANKE booth and new products, shook hands warmly with Mr. Zhang Qingwang, Chairman of ANKE window film manufacturers, and had in-depth exchanges. At the same time, he expressed high praise for ANKE new products!

May 2023 Jeddah Exhibition May 2023 Jeddah Exhibition

As the leader of China's high-end commercial building film brand, Anke Technology has joined the largest construction market center in the Middle East with well-known brands in various industries to showcase the latest technologies, solutions, services, products and innovations of Anke Technology, and comprehensively promote the brand of Anke Technology globalization. As an exhibitor providing resilient, sustainable building wrap technologies and solutions, APCO is destined for these unparalleled opportunities to participate in a variety of projects with a total value of more than $1.3 trillion in the strong post-pandemic recovery.

May 2023 Jeddah Exhibition May 2023 Jeddah Exhibition

For more than 30 years, the Saudi Building Materials Exhibition has been the largest construction trade exhibition in Saudi Arabia, attracting thousands of international manufacturers, exporters and tens of thousands of regional engineers, importers and experts every year to understand and contact The latest technology in the industry. Due to the epidemic sweeping the world in 2020, 90% of Chinese foreign trade companies have stayed away from international exhibitions for three years. The comprehensive liberalization policy in 2023 has allowed a large number of Chinese companies to rush out of the country again and seize the frontline foreign trade positions lost in the previous three years. Encore takes advantage of this solid display platform with unlimited business opportunities. At the exhibition, we developed potential customers, met with new customers and market distributors, and launched Encore's blockbuster new products, which attracted enthusiastic orders from friends from all over the world!

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